Hi! Nice to meet you...

I'm Felicity! 

I have four kids, and they're growing up faster than I can believe, which is why I LOVE photography... so I can do my best to capture their littleness and all of their must-wear-capes-everywhere phases; so I can remember the special details, that otherwise I would forget in a sleep-deprived, sock-hunting, lunch-packing fog. Photography is such a special tool to make time stand still!

My ultimate goal in a photography session is to capture real emotion, not just faces saying "cheese!" I want my clients to look at their photos ten years down the road, and feel transported back to the day they were taken. That applies both for families, babies, and weddings. I take a more lifestyle/less-is-more approach to my photography, so that the focus in my images are the subjects-- babies, brides, rather than elaborate props. I am a registered and insured business, and am constantly seeking learning opportunities to make sure that I give my clients the absolute best images and experience possible. 

Please send me an email with any questions and to see how we can work together to best meet your needs!