I'm interested, but tell me more!


Below I've answered some of the most common questions, but I'm happy to answer any other questions you might have! Just send me an email: hello@felicity-photography.com. 


What can I expect AT our family session?

If you have a pose in mind that is important to you, please let me know before so we can get those out first, especially when little ones are involved! I cannot guarantee any pose, but I do my best! Please makes sure faces are clean and hair & clothing are the way you wish them to appear in the photographs; as I capture you as you are! I try to mix up posed shots and kids playing shots to keep moods light, and I often have some bubbles with me for a little bribery...

What can I expect AFTER our session?

After the session, I will usually post a "sneak peek" on Facebook and/or Instagram within a day or two. Your entire gallery will be available online two weeks from the date of the session. I will send an email notifying your images are ready, with the password and download code to access them. Your gallery will include at least 30 images for you to select your package number of images; any images not in the gallery have been permanently deleted because they did not meet my standards of my best work. To see a sample full session, please contact me. Images are only available in your online gallery for 30 days. Please select your favorites and download within that time frame and remember back up images to multiple places. 

What should we wear?

If you look at my own family's photos, you'll see I'm all about embracing who you are (doesn't every 6-year old wear a vampire cape over pjs in photos?) and wearing what makes you comfortable! Aim for coordinating rather than matching, and really.. I'll say it again, wear what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful, because that really comes through in the photos. 

What time of day is best?

Photographers refer to the hour before sunset as the "golden hour". The sun setting makes for warm, beautiful images. Spring and Fall are the perfect seasons to schedule a family golden-hour shoot, as the hours generally work in line with little ones' bedtimes. In general though, it is best to schedule a time when the sun is lower (avoiding the same hours you'd stay in to avoid a sunburn type thing... 10-2, depending on the season), but we can make almost anything work with the location we choose. All of the work shown in my galleries are shot outside of high-sun hours. 

What if the weather doesn't cooperate?

Contrary to perhaps popular belief, shooting on an overcast/cloudy day makes for lovely light! If there is rain, I will contact you day-of (or before if a large storm is projected) and discuss what would work best for the both of us. If a reschedule is necessary, then we will certainly do that. This is Maryland; the land of unpredictable weather. We'll do our best to make it work. 

Why don't I get ALL the pictures taken?

Any photos not meeting the standards of Felicity-Photography are deleted immediately. I assure you, they are not missed-moments, etc. Any photos remotely out of focus, or even duplicates of the same pose, are not included or kept. I present only the best to my clients and promise many beautiful photos from which to choose. 

What if my child doesn't cooperate?

Please schedule a session with nap-times and meals in mind, so we can capture your kids at their best! Kids are kids though; they can be unpredictable. I always do my best to engage and help put kids at ease, but I do not re-shoot a session due to a lack of smiles. I fully adore capturing kids in all their childhood glory, which sometimes includes a grumpy face (as my family photo from when I was 7 might stand as evidence...).